Sunday, April 25, 2004

Phipps' Cannabis Room Sparks Interest, Doobies

As part of its $36.6 million expansion project, Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Garden revealed plans for a new Cannabis Room to open next spring.

Using the “sea of green” method, Phipps will harvest lots of small plants, matured early, to get the fastest production of buds available.

“This should be a big hit with the college crowd,” joked Phipps president Mike Sanders. “With a valid student ID, the kids will be able to sample some excellent weed.”

Phipps will also sponsor educational seminars on the history and cultivation of pot and demonstrate various bong-making techniques.

Becky Evers, a Pitt junior and self-proclaimed pothead, thinks that she’ll be spending a lot more time in Schenley Park come next spring. “I just hope they put in a snack bar or something, man. With all of that grass, people are bound to develop some major munchies.”

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