About SOFL

Souf Oaklin fo' Life!!! (SOFL) is a satirical news source which prides itself on "covering" local fare. Pittsburgh, with its unique ways of functioning, never fails to provide inspiration with a tunnel closing, Pitt coaching change, or Iron City Beer purchase.

The "Souf Oaklin" part of the paper attempts to highlight the quirky Pittsburgh neighborhood for its culture clash of former mill workers, college students, and urban residents. It also attempts to parody inner-city jargon and senseless neighborhood rivalries, hence "All The News That Ain't Fit For No North Oakland!"

The name "Souf Oaklin fo' Life" came from an idea of a former University of Pittsburgh radio station DJ who had an idea for a T-shirt which said "South Oakland For Life" on the front and then had the words "North Oakland" on the back in a circle with a cross through it. The spelling "Souf Oaklin" came from the former sidewalk cement writing ("Souf Oaklin Summa Time") on the Charles Anderson Memorial Bridge (which connects South Oakland to Schenley Park via the Boulevard of the Allies).

SOFL was first released in May 2000 on plain office copy paper. It was read by friends of the writers and editors, and as far as its 30 copies could reach. The paper remained in limited production until September 2001, when the first newsprint issue was released.

The newsprint edition enjoyed a cult-like status and popularity with college students and professionals in Oakland and surrounding communities. As graduation and the real world caught up with staff, the print edition faded from existence in 2004.

Today, with the help of social media, Souf Oaklin fo' Life!!! continues to thrive online - providing thought and humor to both current and displaced Pitt alumni, Pittsburghers and other admirers. A Facebook page and Twitter feed are updated daily with new headlines (and sometimes photos) based on news and happenings at that moment. And our website, www.soufoaklin.com, has made archived issues available to all.