Sunday, April 25, 2004

Stevie Leiter's Head's Up!

Yes hunny, that’s a tear in my beer. Even if it is Old German (The World Know No Finer!), Stevie’s still a sad sod.

Why? Well, my best friend, Tom Stilley, is calling it quits. He’s the old man who took a chance on a young boy, and it paid off. I’ve had this column now for over three years because of his generosity. So for all you gossip queens out there, make sure you thank him whenever you see him at Uncle Jimmy’s.

So, I’ve decided to write a kick-ass column this month. So much has been going on. Pitt basketball… well let’s just say that lil Carl Krauser’s ball skills make me jealous. And Chris Taft? Don’t even go there!

Did anyone see that one ad on TV about the kids who like the beer? It cracks me up every time I see it!

That turd Howard Stern is finally gone from Pittsburgh radio! You know what? I think I’m going to try to get me a morning zoo show on The X now. I’m hip. I just love the Presidents of the United States and Everclear.

Oh, and baseball season’s upon us again. Ball, ball, ball, strike! Who’s on the team now, anyway? A-Rod? Or, I mean, a rod? Oh Stevie…

Why do some people say goosebumps and others gooseflesh? Some times I think I’ll never learn this language.

Does anyone know where to go see a concert these days? On top of that, I’m a die-hard Upstage regular, and they took that away from us once. Now twice! I’m really starting to hate this city’s music scene. You heard me, Scott Blasey.

And now Spring is upon us! I just love this time of year – all the half-nude bodies lying around on the Cathedral lawn… it’s enough to make Stevie shiver.

Well, I’m really worked up now, so I’m going to do some online research. Talk to you later, and remember, sometimes is pays less to keep your heads up!

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