Sunday, April 25, 2004

Panthers Announce Logo Change to "Rite-Aid Panther"

In a move that has shocked many in the area, University of Pittsburgh Athletic Director Jeff Long announced Monday that the current Panthers logo, in use since 1997, will be replaced at the start of next year’s school year. However, the new logo will not be so “new” to Pitt students and alumni.

“We are proud to unveil the new look for University athletics... the Rite-Aid Panther!” Long exclaimed as he revealed the new/old logo.

The “Rite-Aid Panther” has been a part of the Oakland community for years, adorning the side of the Rite-Aid Pharmacy on the corner of Atwood Street and Forbes Avenue. Although the bright yellow and royal blue panther has been a constant display of local pride by the retailer, it has never been officially accepted by the university until now.

“The old Panther’s time has come and gone. With its sharp jagged edges and highly stylized design, you couldn’t tell what the heck it was,” began Long, “and besides, what was that Panther so angry about anyway? Today’s Pittsburgh Panthers are not vicious wild animals, terrorizing prey before an eventual grizzly kill; they are vibrant, peaceful, unassuming... and able to offer competitive prices on all brands of quality health and beauty care products.”

“I can’t wait until we get the new uniforms,” said Panthers quarterback Luke Getsy. “Now everytime I put on my helmet, I’ll be reminded to stop at Rite-Aid to get some cash back on my way to Cumpies.”

Other students are excited for different reasons.

“It’s kind of like Pitt’s version of the ThunderCats logo!” said sophmore Jake Carlisle. “Maybe Snarf will be our next coach.”

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