Sunday, September 07, 2003

Sophomore Spends Summer in Altoona, Closet

Carnegie Mellon sophomore Gerry Harding is considered one of the best young talents in his acting class. This summer he proved to his peers that there was no role he couldn’t handle.

“I kicked ass in Letters from Nam last spring,” said Harding, “and then took on the role of a lifetime when I moved back home this past summer. My parents will be so proud of me someday.”

Harding’s freshman-year roommate Steven Simpson visited Harding during late July. He couldn’t believe what he saw. “It was like a totally different Gerry. He walked and talked so straight.”

“I’m so proud of my son. He’s such a talented actor,” said Rev. David Harding, Gerry’s father and pastor of the First Grace United Methodist Church in Altoona, PA. “I knew he would be a great instrument for the Lord when I saw him perform in our church Passion Plays. And he’s always looked up to such good Christian actors, like that Richard Chamberlain.”

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