Friday, April 25, 2003

Point / Weaker Point: Parkway East/West Feud

Parkway West Ain't Shit
Pennsylvania Interstate 376 East

Straight up, only ballers be riding on Parkway East. We got mad bitches riding our concrete, looking tight in their Jettas and Cabs. I know we got some construction to hash out, but you know shit don’t get worse than no single lane. Traffic be steady flowin’.

Ain’t ever got our tunnel closed. We take care of our asphalt so we can take care of business. We don’t have to be relying on no West End Bridge either to bail us out. We handle our shit. You’re gonna hear some nonsense from the Parkway West about us being responsible for Fort Pitt Tunnel closings, but bitches be spreading lies. The real problem be all those Robinson motherfuckers coming into our city. Ain’t our East End boys got no business going through no whack ass Fort Pitt Tunnel anyhow.

We also got the hookups: PA Turnpike, Route 30, Business 22. We get you there in style. Western PA Conservancy be taking care of our shit too, so you know we look good. PennDot knows we own the game in Pittsburgh.

Parkway East is Trifling
Pennsylvania Interstate 279 South

I’m tired of that punk ass Parkway East running its mouth about its hookups and tunnels. Pittsburgh knows the only game in town is Parkway West. Parkway West puts you in the city. We be the motherfucking entrance, dog.

Our ryders don’t need to slow down ’cause their scared to go through no tunnel. Our crew be steady rolling on by. We ain’t afraid. We got soldiers driving on our block.

They be talking about their trifling hookups, they shit is ignorant compared to us. We in with route 60, the airport, 50, and 79. We got our team, and two seven nine is the captain.

Oh my god, I don’t even want to talk about it no more. 376 better call us collect next time they dial, cause bitches ain’t even in the same area code as us.

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