Thursday, March 06, 2003

Alternative Spring Break Not So Alternative

Alternative Spring Break (ASB) has been heralded as a chance for students to take the time that they would normally spend off from school on beaches and at resort areas to help those who are less fortunate.

Sophomore Doug Jensen admits that his experience in the program gave him a feel-good attitude for returning to the University in mid-March.

Jensen also admitted that he got his feel-good attitude from spending the entire week hooking up with Morgan Ennis, another ASB participant.

“It was really cool to get my hands dirty building homes for low-income families in Kentucky for a week,” Jensen said. “But nothing compares to meeting sweet, innocent virgin do-gooders at the same time. Not that they return to Pitt as virgins...”

Many Pitt students have been participating in the increasingly popular program, which also saw students tutoring Navajo children in Arizona and preparing and delivering meals to AIDS/HIV patients in Denver, among other projects.

Jensen wasn’t concerned that ASB is an alcohol and drug-free program.

“Girls like Morgan are interested in meeting guys who share their love for community service, not drunken frat boys. I can pretend for a week while we're away from campus. She’ll never know the difference anyway – I don’t plan on seeing her again.”

Jensen is already planning on participating in the program again next year.

“Hey, let’s face it. Ninety-nine percent of guys go on Spring Break shooting their mouths off about meeting hot women and tagging them before coming home,” he said. “At least when I come home, I’ve actually done it.”

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