Thursday, March 06, 2003

CMU Student Pleased By Robot

Carnegie Mellon University student Sarah Lars was very pleased Saturday with the performance of her new robot.

“I’m used to working with robots, so I’m very comfortable around them,” said Lars. “So when [sorority sister] Jen [Chang] gave me this little robot for my birthday, I knew I’d enjoy it.”

Lars is a graduate student in the Robotics Institute, where she builds and maintains small, durable robots used in probing missions for NASA. She is currently on the same team that built the Mars Rover. “I just think they’re fascinating,” explained Lars. “I really love this robot Jen gave me.”

“Sarah works a lot, so you can imagine that she doesn’t get laid much,” said Chang. “I figured I use my robot-building skills to build a small robot that could help her out in that department. I call it the ‘Lars Rover.’ You get it?”

The fifteen-inch, cylindrical robot's primary function is to vibrate. It runs on two small nickel-cadmium batteries. “I tried to make it solar powered, but that didn’t quite work out. It’s really not appropriate for use in the light of day anyway,” explained Chang. “But regardless I still made it very energy and cost efficient.”

“Funny how robots can be programmed to know more about a woman than men can ever pick up. Actually, when you think about it, that’s really not too hard. Oh, Lars Rover…” moaned Lars.

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