Thursday, February 13, 2003

Local Band Tackles Steelers Loss

Like most Pittsburghers, January 27, 2002 was an unusually harsh winter day for the modestly successful local band, Do Not Enter.

“Like everyone else, we were hit pretty hard by the emotional events,” said singer-songwriter Kim Tartoff. “But unlike everyone else, we have a kick-ass band which can serve as a vehicle for our confusion. So we used that energy to produce some really introspective, deep, and spiritually jarring tunes.”

Do Not Enter witnessed the Steelers AFC divisional playoff loss to the New England Patriots at home. “I’ll never forget that day,” recalled drummer Robbie Shulkoski. “We had a gig at Moondog’s that night which was supposed to be a Super Bowl pep rally type of thing. Needless to say, it didn’t happen.”

Instead of harboring ill-will towards the northeastern AFC rival, the group banded together to deal artistically with their emotional hardships. “We really wanted to cope with the emotions which were surfacing right then and there,” said Tartoff.

The group put together a three song EP to raise money for the victims of the Steelers loss. “We really wanted to; no, we needed to do something for those Steelers fans,” said Tartoff. “The loss devastated Pittsburgh and its citizens. But we wouldn’t let it ruin our spirits. Through our labors we were able to raise $22 for those families who were victimized by the loss.”

“Somewhere out there is a family who was able to order a couple pizzas because of our efforts, and that feels pretty good,” said Shulkoski. No word yet if the band plans to put together a compilation for the recent Steeler playoff loss to the Tennessee Titans.

“It’s certainly an option,” said Tartoff. “We’re also considering an album dedicated to the victims of Pitt’s loss to West Virginia.”

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