Saturday, November 16, 2002

Pitt Soccer Does Some Stuff

By Fred Talbert

Last Thursday University of Pittsburgh’s men’s soccer team played host to the feisty Eagles from neighboring Robert Morris University. The Eagles and Panthers both kicked the ball around a lot, with probably the Panthers doing more of the kicking than the Eagles. I think Pitt might have scored once or twice. And the Eagles might have scored only once, so I’m assuming Pitt won. I’m not positive, I left kind of early, it was my girlfriend’s birthday.

“Overall the team played pretty well,” Panthers Coach Harold Markson would have said, had I stayed around to interview him. “The season is getting harder with us playing better teams. Now we are going to have to play some powerhouses of soccer like the Temple Owls and the Rutgers Knights, or is it Red Knights, no wait, Scarlet Knights, that’s who they are.”

“Funny how the teams who are good at soccer aren’t so good at football,” Walt Harris would probably think if he paid attention to Pitt soccer, which he probably doesn’t. He's pretty busy with football, you know. Even though a lot of people complain about him, I think Walt is still a good coach. He’s done a pretty good job turning around this program. And although fans aren’t completely satisfied with the team, there is hope for the future.

“Just wait till [Tyler] Palko gets some experience,” Pitt junior soccer midfielder Brandon Hart is probably telling his teammates when they talk about football. “I think this team might be able to make it to a good bowl instead of the Liberty or Tangerine Bowl. Maybe an Orange Bowl sometime in the future?”

Pitt soccer is now 12-16, they play some games on the road before coming home to play some more games sometime soon. I think their schedule might be online somewhere if you follow links from

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