Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Shirtless Guys on Porch Still Waiting for Girls

A shirtless group of four Pitt students spent last Thursday afternoon lounging on the porch of their South Bouquet apartment waiting for girls.

“Well, it started out with Jake,” recalled Pitt junior Steve Snow. “He was out there first drinking a beer, so I came out and hung out with him. Next thing we knew, it was all four of us out there.”

The shirtlessness seemed to be a smaller part of a larger plan to attract women, an endeavor which encompasses much of the roommates’ spare time. Snow adds that he and his roommates have also tried tactics like, “beer-bonging kind of loud so that people look over at us, playing the new Limp Bizkit album at extremely high decibels, and throwing the football in the middle of the street.”

To date, the most positive response has been a courteous wave from “this total slob of a girl.” “You figure we’d get more than just that, right?” Snow rationalizes. “[We have] this sweet porch and a big couch on it. Chicks like that, right?”

Reports of Snow and his three roommates renting the house just for the porch and their desire to hang out shirtless on it to “pull some trim” have not been confirmed.

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