Wednesday, July 10, 2002

PCNC to Air The Stilleys

(PCNC) announced Thursday that it will debut its newest reality program The Stilleys in early September. The series will feature long-time South Oakland fixture Tom Stilley, his son Donny, and fiancĂ©e Veronica. PCNC is billing the show as the next big “reality sitcom.”

“We got the idea for The Stilleys while visiting Tom and the gang when we were filming a bit for Night Talk. [Host John] McIntyre saw how crazy that house was and thought, ‘Ozzy’s got nothing on The Stilleys,’” said PCNC spokesman William Nagle. “So we called them up and offered them a deal.”

PCNC put cameras and a small crew into Tom Stilley’s Ward Street home back in May and will continue to gather footage until mid-August, when post-production on the new series will begin. “We’re really excited for this show. We really think Pittsburghers will love it,” said Nagle. “We were just looking over some stuff from Memorial Day, when Tom fell off ‘the wagon.’ Man, that stuff's hilarious! Also, we really got a kick out of a fight Tom and Donny had about whether Veronica is a ‘skanky Donzi’s chick.’ This stuff is classic!”

When asked what he thought about his life being exposed to the public like this, Stilley said: “It’s crazy arahnd hir. Especially na since at jag-off kid a mine is home from Penn State fer da summer. Wait’ll [Pitt] football practice starts – den da good jaggin’ll begin!”

Fans of Stilley will also be glad to know that PCNC will be filming Tom and Veronica’s upcoming wedding and will incorporate the romance into the show. “Tom and Veronica’s love theme,” explained Nagle, “is being written right now by world-renowned composer [and Pittsburgh Pops conductor] Marvin Hamlisch. It should be an exciting piece. We’re all as excited about this wedding as we know you all will be when we show it in late November or early December.”

Other series highlights will be Tom’s VIP visit to a Pirates/Expos game – rain-delayed by two hours, Donny’s date with a stripper, Tom’s battle with a nebby neighbor, Veronica’s pregnancy scare, and an episode about underage drinking when Donny gets drunk and tries to take on all of Oakland in a Pitt/Penn State chant war.

“Yeah, that’s what we’ve got so far, but we still have two more months of filming,” enthused Nagle. “I’m so excited – Tom’s thinking about going to the Warhol [Museum] for happy hour next Friday – man, that should be a trip, they’re showing a film about transsexual midgets in an orgy. If that don’t set Stilley off, nothing will!”

Sources at PCNC believe The Stilleys, hoping to capitalize on the success of MTV’s The Real World and The Osbournes, will most likely be shown on Tuesday nights at 11 p.m. The Stilleys will reportedly receive a total of $25,000 for 15 episodes.

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