Friday, February 13, 2004

Pitt Ticket Buyer Accidentally Buys Women's B-Ball Ticket

DeShawn Thomas could not believe his ears when a scalper was offering to sell him two tickets to the Pitt/Georgetown basketball game for $15. The university senior was ecstatic to finally get into the Petersen Events Center to witness the nationally ranked Panthers play last Saturday. Thomas eagerly made the deal, and then made his way up Desoto Street for the match.

“I couldn’t believe I was finally going to see JP1 up close and in person, this was a dream come true,” said Thomas. “I also couldn’t believe there was so few people going to the game. I bought the ticket ten minutes before tip off, and I hardly passed a person on the way to the Pete. I figured it must have been because of the weather or because it was Valentine’s Day.”

Thomas was horrified to learn the scalper had misled him and sold him tickets to the University of Pittsburgh Women’s basketball game. “Imagine my surprise when JP1 came out with long hair and a pair of titties. Its a shame that we live in a society where this kinds of intentional deceit runs rampant.”

Thomas stayed for three minutes of the game, and then angrily made his way back down to his Semple Street apartment. “I was duped,” exclaimed a disheartened Thomas.

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