Tuesday, October 08, 2002

Those Players of Football Do Good!

By Akimoto Saburo
Foreign Exchange Student

I love the Panthers of Pittsburgh. Last Saturday the night I went to game at the Heinz field. Panthers played a red and white team. The team was good, but the Panthers play much better to win match. #25 run ball fastly and good. He big strong American. Run over red and white team players like horses run over people.

Scoreboard say 3:23. Then red ketchup come out of bottles. Me take picture, send back home to family on computer.

Me buy Nachos and Hot Dogs. I no like the Heinz Ketchup on hotdog I buy. Mustard and relish me like more better. I no buy Coca-Cola. No color soda. I like the no color soda.

#12 throw ball very far. Football filled with much things happening. I think I go back to game. I think Panthers win many games and go to World Series. Thank you!

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