Tuesday, September 03, 2002

Local Band Cites Local Bands as Influences
-"No wonder we suck," says lead singer

In a recent interview outside of The Mousetrap in Bavington, PA, local rock band Do Not Enter cited The Clarks, Crisis Car, the Buzz Poets, Seventh House, and Stone Soup as their influences.

“We totally grew up seeing those guys down at Nick’s [Fat City],” said Do Not Enter lead singer Kim Tartoff. “Man, I remember when Stone Soup broke up. I was devastated. And then their lead singer started such a lame-ass solo career.”

“We were all big fans of Seventh House, too,” explained drummer Robbie Shulkoski. “Remember that kick-ass logo?”

“Yeah, so we formed this really cool band,” continued Tartoff. “We wrote some tunes, but mainly started by doing covers of those guys, with an ‘Ah Leah’ or ‘Homestead’ thrown in, just for some extra flavor. We packed a few places at first, but I guess some of the other local bands must have really stepped up their local touring, because we weren’t getting anyone. So one night, when we didn’t have a gig, we went to see the Buzz Poets down at Nick’s. We didn’t have any money, so we saw that show totally sober. Man, they really blew.”

“And what’s with that dude’s faces,” chimed in Shulkoski.

“Yeah, and after seeing The Clarks in June,” added Tartoff, “All I can think is, ‘No wonder we suck.’”

Do Not Enter credits their name to a sign the band’s bus almost hit one night after a “really shitty outing up in New Castle.”

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