Tuesday, September 03, 2002

Freshman Girl Gets Nose, Eyebrow, Septum, Tongue, Bellybutton, Nipples, Clitoris, Ear Lobes, Lip, and Left Cheek Pierced, Tattooed

In what is being called one of the biggest acts of rebellion this century, Pitt freshman Tracey Milan yesterday got just about everything pierceable on her body pierced, as well as a slew of tattoos.

“I always wanted my tongue pierced, but my mother wouldn’t let me,” explained Milan. “So I went down to Hot Rod on Atwood Street, you know, and just said I wanted my tongue done. But then, I saw so many cool pictures of other things done, that I knew I just had to get a few more.”

And she got a few more, plus some tattoos.

“I got this totally cool butterfly on my back, but I can’t really see it. Plus, check out this tiger I got on my left tit – isn’t it cool? Then I was like, I definitely need like a half-moon or a sun done on my big toe, right? So I got a sun on one [big] toe and a moon on the other – they really express who I am, you know?”

“And she got a stud in her tongue, a barbell through her septum, a stud in her left nostril, a stud in her left cheek, hoops in her upper earlobes and inner ear lobes, a hoop in her bellybutton, a hoop in her lip, rings through both nipples, and a barbell through her clitoris,” continued piercing artist Tony Bhalla. “It took about seven fucking hours for the whole job.”

Milan couldn’t wait to tell her friends back home, and called them periodically from the tattoo parlor to keep them abreast.

“You’ve got a stud in your tongue?” remarked old friend Jared Clarke.

“Yeah, helps with fellatio.”

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