Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Psychic John Edwards Conducts Local Crossing Over (to North Oakland) Seminar

From an early age, John Edward displayed remarkable psychic abilities, predictions and premonitions he couldn’t explain. At 15, a reading by a psychic changed his life. Edward was told what millions have witnessed; he can reunite people in the South Oakland ghetto with those that have crossed over to North Oakland.

Last Wednesday, David Lawrence Hall was a flurry of telepathic activity as Edward channeled the spirits of former South Oakland residents before a standing-room-only crowd. After a few minutes of meditation, the TV-medium ventured into the hopeful crowd.

“Okay, I have a younger male coming through,” he said. “I interpret this as being either a sibling, friend, cousin.”

About 50 hands shot up in the audience, but Edward focused his energy on Craig Lander, a Pitt sophomore seated in the front row.

“I’m getting a B connection here ... who’s the B? Brian, Bob, Ben?” Edward asked.

Lander responded with a blank stare.

“Could be a D. Like Doug, Dave, Dick?”

“Wait! My brother is a dick!” Lander exclaimed.

“Does he drink cheap beer ‘cause I’m seeing a can of Natty Ice here?”

“Uh ... yeah, I think.”

“I’m with you then,” Edward conceded.

After 10 minutes of vague descriptions and cryptic messages, Lander was overwhelmed by emotion and had to leave the room.

“He hit on such personal things,” Lander said, tears streaming down his face. “I mean how did John know that my bro likes to eat ‘O’ Fries and watch porn! I’m amazed and happy to know that he's in a cockroach-free apartment with his own washer and dryer.”

Edward encourages everyone to communicate, appreciate, and validate messages from relocated loved ones – even if the signs seem trivial.

“You could be walking down the street and catch a whiff of your best friend’s perfume, or the schwag that your cousin used to sell out of his basement,” Edward explained. “That’s just their way of saying ‘Hey, I'm okay. I'm in a better place now.’”

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