Sunday, December 02, 2001

Old German Inducted Into Mellinger's Wall of Beer

In a simple, barely noticed ceremony last Thursday afternoon, Pasquale “Patsy” Bellisario, owner of Mellinger's Beer Distributor, quietly inducted Old German Beer into the now famous Mellinger's Wall of Beer.

The Wall of Beer features full bottles of various imports, Belgian beers, and micro brews and spans the length of the establishment. “We're very proud of the Wall of Beer. It really showcases all of the great choices we offer our customers. Adding the world’s finest beer was the least we could do to honor such an outstanding brew,” said Bellisario, referencing the Old German motto “the world knows no finer.”

Pittsburgh historian John Morgan explained that Old German Beer, now brewed by Pittsburgh Brewing Company, was first brewed by the Old German Brewing Company of Cumberland, MD. After World War II, the company became the Queen City Brewing Company, but ended up selling the rights to Old German Beer. Pittsburgh Brewing Company acquired it in the 1970's and brought back one of the most distinguished beers of the early part of the century. “Many domestic beer connoisseurs and poor college students attest to its superb taste and affordability,” said Morgan, “Thank God I can get it in Oakland now; I'm tired of driving out to McKees Rocks for a case.”

Added Bellisario, “Well, I think it's alright, shitty beer-wise that is, but it ain't exactly the taste that my usual micro-brew fans will like. It's more there for the [over 21] kids.”

When asked if he thinks that Old German, new to the Oakland market, would sell as well as his $11 Pabst Blue Ribbon College Special, Bellaiario popped a can of Miller High Life and said, “Yeah. It's really cheap. The kids will love this one.”

Mellinger's Beer Distributor sells Old German for $7.99 for a case of cans, $11.99 for 16 ounce returnable glass bottles.

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