Saturday, November 10, 2007

Chancellor Nordenberg, Shady McCoy Surprise Trustees with Wildcat Meeting

The University of Pittsburgh scheduled its bi-annual trustees meeting last Thursday, but the meeting’s focus quickly shifted from the expanding university to its heralded freshman running back, LeSean “Shady” McCoy. The meeting, which would later be labeled by ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit as a coming out party for #25 McCoy, featured a surprise shift when Chancellor Nordenberg turned control of the meeting agenda over to Shady.

“I mean, to be invited to a trustees meeting as a freshman is awesome, but to actually handle the direct snap of meeting topics is amazing,” Herbstreit commented. “I’ve seen fifth year seniors on national championship teams who don’t exhibit that kind of poise and meeting flare. I think the moment which really sealed McCoy’s status for me was when he ran a quick reverse around the topic of shifting depreciation from capital expenditure assets to recognizing them as regular expenses, the whole time faking like he was going to chalk up the costs as write-offs. To watch him run that meeting was just spectacular.”

By all accounts Nordenberg and the trustees were pleased with the meeting, its topics and accomplishments. Some of the highlights from the meeting occurred when McCoy spearheaded an extension of the current two billion dollar capital campaign by retargeting its goal as two billion and one dollar capital campaign, “to let the poor folk know they can always give a buck, you know, to like help out and [expletive].” McCoy also helped approve a 3.2% increase in benefits for all university employees, extend university library hours during finals week, and create a new marketing campaign that highlights significant historical achievements of Pitt alumni.

Trustee chair Ralph J. Cappy remarked on what a fine job the young McCoy did in his surprise lead of the meeting. “I’ve never been so happy to be at a meeting in all my time here. Usually these things go on for hours and we get bogged down with what color scheme matches the new rugs we’re laying down in Hillman Library. Half the time I have to pinch myself from falling asleep at these things, but that Shady, he kept us energized, motivated, and on task by quickly shifting matters and deftly cutting through the holes on the agenda.”

While McCoy was remarkably in command and is headed for a record breaking season as trustee head, plans call for him to split time at the podium with Nordenberg.

“This is just not the way we do business across the board,” Nordenberg explained. “Just because someone is effective and shows remarkable talent, doesn’t mean we should automatically rush to put that person in the same position in which they had overwhelming success. It wouldn’t be fair to those who have been here longer. And by those, I mean me."

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