Friday, February 13, 2004

Port Authority Adds New 84F Bus of Shame

Port Authority Transit (PAT) declared Tuesday that their new bus slogans have been a resounding success. Many busses are adorned with such slogans as “Welcome to the neighborhood” in several languages, “Ride,” and “Rockin’ Rollin’.”

PAT Chief Executive Officer Paul P. Skoutelas heralded this success, saying, “Our clever slogans have made bus-riding much more interesting for Pittsburghers. Today, however, we will unveil our newest batch of catchy phrases for some newer, hipper bus lines.”

The lines unveiled by PAT include the Ultra Violet (UV) Loop bus, which shuttles passengers between all of Pittsburgh’s night spots; the 53R, which will run from Shadyside through Squirrel Hill/Oakland to the Waterfront shopping complex; and the 84F, which will run between South Side and Shadyside, also through Oakland and Squirrel Hill.

“We’re really excited about our new lines,” said Skoutelas. “These new lines need new slogans, too. Most busses on the 53R line will have slogans such as ‘Shop’ and ‘Drivin’ the Economy’.”

The 84F, however, simply says “Shame” on each side in varied large, multi-colored letters.

“We thought we could better serve younger Pittsburghers by adding a bus to help people get home a bit easier ‘the morning after,’” continued Skoutelas. “We like to think of the 84F as the embarrassed, hungover, tousled, early morning counterpart to the UV Loop.”

While most PAT busses come with tinted windows that still allow those outside to see in, the new 84F “Bus of Shame” will feature windows that appear to be nearly opaque to the outside bystander, guaranteeing the privacy of those inside.

The new lines will begin service on March 12, the weekend before St. Patrick’s Day (“A busy time for the new 84F, we foresee,” explained Skoutelas). Fare is still $1.75 one-way. Both busses are free with university ID.

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