Friday, February 13, 2004

Pledge Upset Over Fraternity's "No Hazing" Policy

When Pitt freshman Sean Jenkins pledged Delta Chi fraternity last semester, he was expecting the worst: public humiliation, emotional abuse, torture, alcohol poisoning, and bestiality.

Instead, he discovered quite the opposite -- he found himself in a strange social organization that puts academics and community service before hazing.

“This sucks!” Jenkins exclaimed. “I wanted Animal House and ended up with Little House on the fucking Prairie!”

Delta Chi prides itself on being a non-hazing fraternity. Instead of participating in destructive behavior, members focus on philanthropy projects like “Can the Van,” a charity event where brothers take canned goods to local food banks.

“Can the Van?

“Dude, I thought that we would get picked up in Schenley quad in a shitty, beat-up van,” Jenkins lamented. “I was totally looking forward to getting my ass beat by my loyal brothers.”

Chapter president Trevor Gray understands Jenkins’ disappointment, but stresses that Delta Chi is not willing to change its stance.

“We believe in building people up, not tearing them down,” said chapter president Trevor Gray. “All we ask is that our members keep their grades up and lend a helping hand every now and then.”

Jenkins insists he was lead to believe that the “helping hand” Gray spoke of was just a good old-fashioned beating by his big brother.

Although Jenkins has just one more week until his initiation, he is currently considering depledging the fraternity.

“I don’t mind collecting can goods for the homeless, but shit, at least paddle me or force a bottle of Jim Beam down my throat first!”

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