Tuesday, October 08, 2002

Point / Weaker Point: The Strip

I Love the Strip
- by Sala Udin, Pittsburgh City Councilman - District 6

Man, I love the Strip. Where else in Pittsburgh can you get fresh seafood, meat, and vegetables, a mean fish sandwich, and tons of Steelers merchandise right down the street from all the great night clubs?

The clubs in the Strip are always happening. We got Rosebud, M, Area 51, Whiskey Dick's, Club Millennium, the “boardwalk,” hell, even BAR’s OK sometimes. These clubs bring a much needed scene to the city of Pittsburgh, a scene which has a prominent role in keeping young people in Pittsburgh. There are different clubs for every kind of person – rock and roll, techno, house, trance, drum and bass, you name it we got it.

In the Strip District there is something for every type of person – black, white, Asian, Mexican, doesn’t matter what you are or where you come from. The Strip has something for you. I love it here!

I Love to Strip!
- by Mandy "Star" Peters, Stripper - Bare Elegance

Man, I love to strip! At first, I really hated it – I hated men ogling over my trim body and large medically-enhanced boobs. But then I realized: why did I spend $15,000 on tits if I wasn't going to show them off? Hell yeah! And in three weeks of stripping, I made the money back.

I’ve been stripping for three years and made enough money that I started CMU Engineering last fall. I know enough about physics to know that this bod might look great now, but hello entropy! It’s not going to last. Plus, stripping has the greatest hours – I can go to classes all day, do my homework, study, and then I go to the club around 10 or so and dance for about 2 hours, then I’m home and in bed by 1 a.m.! It’s great! And if I do a private party, I’ll make a ton of money – I usually try to get parties around midterms and finals so that I can take the week off to study.

What a great job! I love stripping!

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