Tuesday, September 03, 2002

Pitt Freshman to Begin Study Abroad Program in Titusville

Philadelphia native and Pitt Freshman Mark Johnson received a letter telling him he’d been invited to participate in the university's study abroad program. The program, according to the letter, would last from Fall semester of 2002 until the Spring semester of 2004 and would take place in lovely Titusville, PA.

Johnson, who always dreamed of going abroad and studying in a foreign culture, was very pleased with the opportunity.

“I couldn’t believe I’d be studying abroad right away, you know?” remarked Johnson. “Like, I always just figured you had to be a junior or a senior to get to do that.”

Johnson, who has grown up in the city of Philadelphia and lived there his whole life, is anxious, and a little nervous, to begin his college career in a rural setting.

“I was reading about Titusville online. Did you know that it's known as ‘The Birthplace of the Oil Industry?’ And check this out, I’m totally psyched to be so close to Canada. The drinking age there is like 19 or something.”

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