Wednesday, January 16, 2002

Stevie Leiter's Head's Up!

Hey, how's everyone doing these warm winter days? Me, I'm fantastic.

So, I'm finally out of penicillin. It's time to party!

That's right, Stevie's been a good boy for almost seven months, but now, I'm out to regain my status as the top partier is all of da Burgh!

Item! Kordell Stewart is the best QB in all of the NFL. Who'd've thought that lil' cutie could do anything but suck?

Speaking of sucking, how about that Penn State team? Or even that Penn State quarterback Mike Seneka–he really really sucks!

Did you visit dahntahn during the holidays? There was more sparkle than a drag-queen in sequins.

Damn, I'm almost out of Vaseline!

Entertainment news, Stevie? Why yes.

But not this time.

Anyway, so did everyone watch that Pitt/NC State Tangerine Bowl? Wow, I’m happy to report that Walt Harris isn’t pissed!

What's the big deal with burritos?

After consulting with my publisher, I've decided to stop using the capital"Y." "y," you ask? Sorry, I can't tell you that.

Item! Pitt's Chancellor Nordstrom makes too much money!

Another Item! Pitt spokesman Ken Service is now gone. When the f#ck did that happen?

Well, that's all the news old Stevie has for yinz this time. I have to get to Best Buy to get my new N-Sync bobble-head doll–they remind me almost too much of my last boyfriend James.


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