Monday, October 08, 2001

Point / Weaker Point: Realness

Fo' Real
- by Stanley "The Dog" Worchonski, 18-credit student, Triangle Tech

Yo, fo' real, I'm getting my stuff together, and getting my life in gear. I may be 28, but still I'm still going places. I'm 24 credits short from getting my degree from Triangle Tech. And once I get that paper…BAM! Sho' nuff, benjamins be steady rollin' out the pocket into my bank account. My savings account is gonna have mad commas. Word is bond.

Triangle Tech is bomb yo. They got all kinds of programs for me to get my stuffs together. I can get certified as a computer repairman, x-ray technician, or even TV/VCR repair. I got all kinds of options.

I'm doing this all too, in spite of all the haters that are tryin' to keep me down. Just few weeks ago I went to see my boys at my Bethel Park High School 10 year reunion. All my old hommies be there, but they weren't showing me love, only hate. Be getting on my case about my life. They think they all that cause they got houses, kids, dogs, and such. But they don't understand, the crazy life is what the dog is about: ruff, ruff. I still be banging eight balls down, still be rolling J's. Can't be stopping my flow.

Though I may still be living the crazy life, I got my direction too. I'm hooking it up for the future. Sho' nuff. In three and a half years I'll be certified.

For Real
- by Randale Johnson, Enginerring Junior

Yo, for real, for real, things are starting to happen for me. I am moving closer to the place I want to be in life. But things have not always been easy for me. Growing up in Larimer, there are a lot of obstacles which can get in your way: drugs, gangs, sex, violence. You name it, it is out there on the streets, and it will hold you down…if you let it.

I did not. I got my life in gear. I made things happen for myself. I made the honor role at Westinghouse High School. I took advanced classes when the teachers wanted to put me in special ed. I worked hard and I made it to the University of Pittsburgh. I chose engineering. I want to be a construction site supervisor. It has been my dream since I was a little kid. And I am going to make it. In two years I am going to attend graduate school at Stanford University, one of the top engineering schools in the country. I am almost there, I can see the top, and I am going to make it.

I did it by myself and for myself, but I still want to be an example for the community. I want to show kids in the neighborhood that if you work hard, you can make it. It does not matter where you came from, all that matters is where you are going; and I am going places.

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