Friday, September 14, 2001

Bob Evans to Sponsor Local Sausage Parties

In an effort to target a younger audience, the Bob Evans Restaurant Franchise has partnered with five Pitt freshmen to promote a series of “Sausage Parties.” These gatherings will be held in Tower A on successive Fridays in the months of September and October. The series is part of a national campaign to promote awareness of the restaurant chain and simultaneously provide college freshmen with a festive atmosphere.

“Bob Evans is pleased to announce this partnership with five very deserving Pitt freshmen,” company spokesman B. Lee Thomas reported. “Traditionally, the freshman male has been deprived of party opportunities without a sufficient fake ID. Now, with the help of the Bob Evans restaurant corporation, the youths can enjoy their first year of college in a suitable fashion. Everyone needs the opportunity to unwind with their fellow male friends and participate in suitable shenanigans.”

The five freshmen will be given two thirty-packs of beer on “Sausage Party Fridays.” However, their contract stipulates that they will not be allowed to entertain any female guests during these parties in their dorm rooms. A breach of the contract will cause a loss of both sponsorship and funds. However, there is no stipulation that forbids the five from the entertainment of other male friends.

“We're very excited to start the parties,” freshman Billy Tucker reported. “I used to drink with my high school soccer team occasionally so I'm very familiar with the ‘sausage party’ concept. It's an arena that I feel both comfortable and secure in. It's a great training ground for when we actually start to party with girls.”

The Bob Evans corporation has partnered with 22 universities nationwide, including Pitt, to sponsor college “Sausage Parties.” They are also planning on sponsoring a national New Year's Eve sausage convention in Des Moines, Iowa for all participating freshman males.

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