Sunday, March 09, 2008

Point/Weaker Point: Ice

Point: Ice is a killer.

By Miss Millie Stevens

I really hate the ice. It was an icy road that took my late husband Norman from me in 2003.

Growing up in Atlanta, Georgia, we never, and I mean NEVER, had no ice never. I heard once that there was a bit of snow fallen at Hampton when mamma was a school girl there, but that’s way up in Virginia. Norman now, he grew up in Detroit and never minded the ice. But this city gets it some ICE!

Ice made me slip and break my hip last winter. Ice kept me homebound for a week in January. Ice froze my pipes two years ago February.

I hate the ice!

Weaker Point: Ice is killa!

By L’antonio Stevens

Yo, check it. Ice dawg. In ma grill. On my hand. In my ers. On this hir necklace. Yup I sayd IN MY MUFUCKIN TEEF dawg. Shit.

In my Cristal. Yup yup I FUCKIN DRINK AT SHEEET.

Oh, you gots PLATINUM grill, huh? I fuckin gots ICE. I PAYED fo at shit hir. YOU? Fuckin suckin cock fo pennies and shit. THERE’S yo platinum shit.

Oh, now you mad cause yo girl wanna eat my dick? Fuck dat bitch, yo! You don’t know shit about shit, muthafucka.


Like fuckin Blood Diamond shit. Up ma ass if uh needa.



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Rob Van Winkle said...

All right stop, collaborate and listen. Ain't these people never heard of no ice in the vanilla persuasion. That kind of thang can get the bass kicked in and the Vegas jumpin'. Word to the motha. I'm out.